Submission Guidelines

These are editorial guidelines for review of articles. They are intended as a guide for both authors and reviewers.

Aim & Scope

The Dublin Law and Politics Review publishes articles from all disciplines that reflect upon legal or political issues. The articles should be in English, original and well-written.

Submission Agreement

When you submit an article to the Dublin Law and Politics Review you must agree to our Terms & Conditions. When you agree to these Terms & Conditions you are stating that the work is free of plagiarism. You confirm that you have the copyrights to your article and declare potential conflicts of interest.

Stages of Submission

When you submit and have forwarded us your agreement to the Terms and Conditions. Your work will be reviewed by one or more of our editors. The assigned editor(s) will check the article based upon the attached guidelines.

Your article will then receive feedback. The feedback can be the editor finds you need to do some improvement before it is forwarded for peer-review. It can also be that you only have some minor grammar issues and your article is directly send for peer-review. In these cases you will receive feedback and are invited to resubmit.

The journal may give you an absolute rejection, this will be the case if you are discovered to violate our house rules on (academic) ethics.

Length of Submission

Articles carry a length of 5.000-7.500 words (including footnotes). Short reads can be submitted as brief reflections on current issues and should be between 1500-2000 words.

Casenotes and book reviews should be no more than 3.000 words.


All submissions must be delivered in a word format or format compatible with word. The submissions must include the author’s name and affiliation, abstract and up to 5 keywords.

Reference system

Please note that all articles and case notes must use the OSCOLA style of reference. No other citation styles will be accepted.


All articles must be written in U.K. English and of clear grammar and spelling. Please note that it is not the journal’s obligation to provide you with language services and that you are responsible for submitting an article in good English.