Issue 1, Volume 1.

Table of Contents

Word from the Editor-in-Chief,

Rights Based Principles: Protecting Free Elections and Free Expression in Irish Policy Responses to Fake News Online, Ethan Shattock

Forced Marriage as a Crime: Deserving of a Separate Categorisation? Aparajitha Narayanan

Note: The Siemens/Alstom Merger Case: How European Merger Policy Respond to Global Competition, Liran Pang

An Assessment of Whether Gender Affects Ministerial Recruitment, James Redmond

Degrowth and the FERMI Paradox – Ecopolitics, Techno-Pessimism and Implications for Cosmology, Niamh Reilly

(Bull)ying Their Way Out of the Judiciary: A Critical Appraisal of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Ordinance, 2017, Aniruddha Kambhampati

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