COVID19 & Fake News

Fake News, disinformation and COVID19 they are often mentioned in the same sentence. What issues does Fake News have upon policy implementation and how can

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Legality of Lockdown Measures

Is a lockdown with 5km restriction a violation of free movement (EU and national)? When is lockdown legal? These are questions often asked without reception

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Mental Health & Lockdown Policies

Lockdown helps prevent the spread of COVID19 but at what costs? When does the impact on mental health become larger than the benefit of stopping

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Secondary Victimisation

The perpetrator of a crime is the only one to blame and yet society finds many ways of blaming the victim. In India massive protests

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Workshop Writing for Academic Journals.

Writing for academic journals is a difficult skill. Researchers are expected to publish but often not taught how.
During this workshop Rowena Murray will give you the basic tools for effective writing skills.

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