Welcome to Dublin Law & Politics Review, an online publication for researchers to share their research and discuss current policy developments. This publication is an initiative of various PhD students in the field of Law and Government. Together we wanted to create a place where students can cooperate and analyze topics from an interdisciplinary perspective. Unless otherwise specified, all views are our own and not the institutions we are affiliated with.



Our mission is to promote academic discussion and development through online platforms to increase student involvement in the community. We discuss current issues in law and politics from an interdisciplinary approach in an accessible way for all. Being students ourselves we encourage lifelong learning. We believe in lifelong learning as the key to understanding an ever-changing society.


Our team combines academic and professional expertise from various backgrounds. We employ our skills and knowledge to foster academic cooperation and develop robust networks which enhance the options for professional development for fellow students and academics. We use these network​s to promote legal-political discussion in a respectful manner.


In the 2018-2019 ​academic year we organised and ran a number of seminars, a ​conference and a ​political ​debate. Click here for more information on our past events.

This year we also started our Political Profile Series podcast. This podcast series discusses various issues from a theoretical and practical perspective.

In the academic year of 2019-20 expanded our activities and focus on professional skills development among fellow students at our seminars and workshops.

Our plan is to also work in partnership with other organisations on specific academic topics and competence building.

We hope you enjoy this online publication and if you are interested in attending or contributing to our discussions or publishing a blog – don’t hesitate to send us a message!

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